View Of The Eiffel Tower

Paris is the removable city in the world in the sense that so many movies, as shot in the French capital, is no longer shoot anywhere. Every day, at least ten different surveys in different parts of the city, and most of all – in the eighth and sixteenth districts: on the Place de la Concorde, the Trocadero, the Champs, near the Arc de Triomphe, the iconic recognizable locations. Manmartr with his expressive relief and winding streets is also very popular. Paris and cinema more

Authorities in Paris are always welcome filmmakers, because the film – this is the best advertising, so permission to shoot readily grant on the condition that they will not interfere with the economic life of the city. For example, no one will ever block the entire street for whatever was the scene in the movie. This is not permissible. Director and producer of this fact does not upset and does not stop.
In the French capital, removed Russian, Japanese, Americans, Chinese, Italians, Germans … In the views of people from all over the world to Paris – a city that is a symbol of love, of free, luxury, romance and whatnot, but few people know that almost It has a price tag of every Parisian scene.

View of the Eiffel Tower, for example, the day is not worth anything, but at night, when the tower is lit, especially when at the beginning of each hour it shimmers like a jewel, the copyright of the artist around the world will have to fork.
The cost of each second moving picture of the Louvre pyramid is equal to at least fifteen hundred euros. Money transferred to the account of the architect Io Ming Pei, the author of such a great design. here

View of the stadium Stade de France in Paris will cost two and a half thousand euros.

One day of shooting in the Musée d’Orsay can cost producer seventeen thousand euros, in the Louvre – twenty-five thousand Euros at the Paris Grand Opera – at least seventy thousand euros (not including shootings in the auditorium of the dome, painted by Chagall, for it will take a separate amount). The scenario in this temple of art also asked for a visa.

In general, everything that was built, installed, painted less than seventy years ago, it falls under copyright laws and is subject to considerable board.

Owners of sites or their managers may nominate their conditions written and directed. Eiffel Tower Administration inevitably fails in the shooting in the case where the script is going to throw the hero of films from the tower upside down. A guide of the Paris metro will not let you into the subway if there you have planned to shoot a scene of violence or corruption. more here

Even Paris stations have their tariffs. For one day of filming somewhere in a corner, no one interfering, will have to pay three thousand euros. And if you want something moved somewhere or someone somewhere was driving – have at least twenty-five thousand.

From this point of view it is very interesting to watch the movie, filmed in the French capital. A walk along the promenade of heroes – everything is clear. A low-budget movie. Personnel at the Louvre, the Opera scene and night kiss against a shimmering Eiffel Tower – yes, this movie is expensive! Literally.
Only tourists all kinds of Paris are available for free.