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It can save lives – first aid for stroke

Stroke – a sudden disruption of blood circulation in the brain that usually leads to the death of its nerve cells. Basically stroke prone older people, but in recent years suffered from it more and more young people – no one is immune from this. Patient Education

At school, the lessons on life safety, always talk about how to behave in case of fire, accidents, as well as first aid. However, more often it happens is that most people do not even have a presentation, how to be in this situation.

stroke Symptoms
Sudden weakness and a severe headache.
Unsteady gait, incoordination.
Speech disorder.
Disturbances of vision and hearing.
The difficulties in the perception of what is happening around.
Numbness of the right or left side of the body.
Drooling and difficulty swallowing.

three signs of stroke

The algorithm for stroke
The first cause “first aid”!

Immediately call your doctor. When talking to the duty manager, try to accurately characterize everything that happens. The man, who suffered from a stroke attack, needs a neurologist. So you say manager must figure out how to send a team to the challenge.

Your actions before the arrival of emergency

1) If the person is conscious, you need to put it that way, to his shoulders and his head is above the body. Such manipulation would reduce blood pressure. If possible, avoid the victim of movement, in order not to aggravate the patient’s condition.

stroke symptoms

2) The second step – to take care of the free breathing: free man from the tight stuff, if any (belt strap). Provide fresh air.

3) It is forbidden to give the victim anything from drinking and eating! He swallowing function can be impaired – food and drink can be inhaled.

4) Do not give medication to the patient before the arrival of doctors! If you encounter such a first time, then it is unlikely you will find a suitable medication.

urgent care

5) Remove from the mouth of the patient, any discharge (blood, saliva, mucus, vomit). If you start vomiting and nausea, the victim’s head very gently and carefully turn over on his side. In this way you will protect the airways and the victim does not suffocate. As soon as an attack of nausea stopped, it is desirable to thoroughly clean the mouth with your fingers, winding them gauze or a handkerchief.

6) If the person is unconscious, but breathing on his own, you have to turn over on his side: his head on his arm and bent forward; leg bent at the knee. Services

7) If not breathing give artificial respiration and heart massage. But attention! These actions are allowed to do in the event that you are able to carry out their! Unskilled cardiac massage can cause injury to the chest or other hazards.

chest compressions

When I came, “ambulance”
Medical team arrived quickly, clearly and in great detail describe all the events: first, how it happened, how was that you did.

It is actually very important, because the first few minutes of the patient determine the further course of the disease! So gather with the spirit.
The rapid and, most importantly, timely recognition of stroke in conjunction with timely help – that’s what will save a person’s life! And remember what the fuss in this situation in any way out of place! Be careful and calm! Does not inspire fear of the patient and support him.

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Oddities of famous people

We read about them in the yellow pages, see on their monitor screens, read out their thoughts as well about some remember from school – they are celebrities. Someone has made a name for himself in the art world, someone has moved progress his discoveries. All of them are people just like us, but still, even their habits stands out from the category of “normal”.

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Many of the oddities of famous people are not deprived of their logic. Implants For example, Gwen Stefani enjoys only children’s lotions and creams – and for good reason, because they are known for their naturalness and their result on the face. Katy Perry, is an American singer, brought his habit to mania: going to the regular tour, she carries with him several toothbrush and brushing her teeth six times a day.

Katy Perry

But Mao never watched the purity of its thirty-two, arguing as follows: “Did you see that Tiger did it?”

Useful life hacking, you can borrow from the habit of Sophia Loren use perfumed water for the hair wrap on hair curlers, which is why light fragrance will always follow you easy loop. Clingman Lofts

Strangeness is not a name, but do you know anyone else who does that?

Sophia Loren

Many celebrities habits tied to food. For example, Renee Zellweger fighting hunger a piece of ice – until he melts in the mouth, feeling of hunger goes away. A well-known novelist, Vladimir Nabokov, liked not only a net to catch butterflies, but ate them, saying that they taste like a mixture of almonds and moldy cheese. Angelina Jolie also not averse to bite insects, though this is justified by its desire to try the national cuisine of the countries where it is.

Creative people have always been extravagant habits. For example, the French writer Victor Hugo classic inspiration often came when he was the absolute best naked. According to a genius, he did so in order to exclude the possibility of the temptation to go out and get away from work. Just by the way, there were Benjamin Franklin and Ernest Hemingway (do not even ask, how do we know about it).

naked Robert Downey Jr.

Emile Zola went on his “fellow writers” by tying himself to a chair. But Anatole France tried not to hold themselves at work, but on the contrary, wrote on everything that came to hand, from the napkins in restaurants, ending with important documents.

strangeness writers

Unique and inimitable Lady Gaga – sleeps and meditates in the egg, which took away from the speech at the ceremony, “Grammy” – vozmozhnoetot art object just dear to her, as a memory.

strangeness Lady Gaga

And completing our strange “hits” a great scholar, and just an interesting person, Albert Einstein, who did not like to wear socks on a fairly “reasonable” reason – they are quickly torn.

Einstein’s socks

Talented people are talented in everything! Their unusual thinking and view of the world and is transmitted through habit, so if you look sideways after the usual daily ritual – who knows, maybe in you sleeping deep inside a little genius?

Women sleep longer than men

Women sleep longer than men. Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl.

“On this subject, it was a huge amount of research, – he told Jacob Levin. – Some studies have shown that women really sleep longer than men for 15-20 minutes. Other studies have produced quite the opposite result – it turned out that sleep longer just a man, and at the same 15-20 minutes. As a result, scientists are agreed on the fact that men and women have the same duration of sleep. ” Longer sleep only pregnant. dentist Madison
At the same time in different genders have different attitudes to sleep. Men usually think that he slept well; Woman, on the contrary, often said: “Oh! I did not sleep! “However, studies show that the quality of sleep in the other about the same.
It is proved that the longest sleeping sanguine – for 8-9 hours. They are so impressionable, it’s worth it to see before going to sleep porn or relive some more emotional distress, and the duration of REM sleep, during which the brain digests the information, immediately increased. Well, the least sleep melancholic – them to sleep, it is often sufficient for 6 hours.

You can often hear the following sentence: “But my mother told me as a child, that …”. Of course, my mother has always been, is and will be the best source of advice in any situation, but sometimes it turns out to be wrong! stylist Madison
Faktrum wants to tell a funny story about how the stranger’s uncle has undermined faith in the boy’s mother’s advice!
Threw I like that cigarette pack in the trash, I look, and her five thousand note stuck …
I parked here yesterday about shop next to the house. Look: Something debris has accumulated in the pockets and in the glove box, paper roll, check, empty pack of cigarettes … I scooped up all the trash, throw in the trash.
And already in the process of how to pack the urn flew, I saw that stuck to her five thousand note. I’m not rich enough to donate a wallet, so useful in the trash to get.
And at this very moment of the store appears mom with small boy whom she pronounces something in the style of traditional teachings “There are not going to listen to my mother, then …”. interior design Madison He notices me and sternly says:
– … You will collect the scraps of trash like this uncle!
And what am I? I took from the urn their hard-earned 5,000 rubles, and smoothed them with a wink, said the little boy:
– Do not trust her kid. A couple of months on the trash climb and Audi Skopje.
After that he got into his Audi and gave on gases. The eyes of the boys still remember!

Why am I without flowers?

Experience family life is coming to mark ten years. And, unfortunately, my betrothed any time, without cause, just like that, because I am in his life, did not bring me flowers. Do not tell me compliments, tender, gentle words. In addition to all this, coming from work, finds it in a limo service in Madison position, the entire mess in the house, which he did, unwashed dishes, which he ate. All for me, of the family finances – his meager earnings and housework also all on me. It is sad to tears – well, so what? This question is asked a lot of women. Well … try to answer. more

For anybody not news that accepting a marriage proposal from a man who for us everything – air, water and earth, we look forward to fairytale prince without flaws, if any, we hope very soon to uproot, or at least do not visible to you. But pretty often, we women lose in this terrible fight with his shortcomings. And our illusions and dreams sink like a stone in a river. And you see how you have dentist Madison everything in sight. Do you realize that this man does not share with you the concepts of “family”, “together”, “Help”, and many others.

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But it is impossible to live with all this have to do something, the more it lasts for no more nor less, and nearly ten years. It is really an insult – a lurking sense of anger accumulated, and its explosion can be compared, perhaps, only the nuclear bomb that destroys everything in its path. Bated image unaware of themselves spoil the mood, feeling, desire to communicate, this image scrolling hundreds and hundreds of times in my head. The first step to close and hid image – our so-called “picture”, ie, what we ourselves invented, what seems right in a given situation. We wonder what the situation, no matter how they like that can not adapt to our ideas and inventions. read

Clearly, reject and renounce all their expectations are not possible. But we need time to be able to say: “Stop! Enough! “. Stop scored himself in the head negative, and stop eating itself from nutria. Learn to discuss your images with the abuser, do not swear, do not water the dirt mutually each other, and communicate all the “pros and cons” of the situation, and in any case, do not hold images in themselves. This is the first and probably the main destroyer of relationships at all stages of cleaning service in madison.

Alternatively, write a list of all the so-called requirements for her husband. Read it a few times and decide for yourself what you can not do that for you is more popular in the relationship. Evaluate the situation “cold” heart did not require him to be both a homemaker and to earn as much as would every six months you would fly to the islands, and each season you gave to the new coat. Choose only what you most tired, a couple of cases in which, without his help you will manage 100%. Peacefully, calmly tell him these things, ask for help, say that it is indispensable in helping them. Tell him about his technique (list), can he have any request to you or insults you something of which he was afraid to say. goods and services directory

Of course, everything else is discarded in the blink hard, it can advise you simple, unpretentious exercise that can be doing at any convenient time. In the opinion of repeating this phrase: “I’m not offended, it’s minor.” And you’ll notice that for a month – half small images you will not be attending. info here

Finally I will say the following, if after such a frank conversation requests and nothing will change towards you, then my advice to you – chase of narcissistic and selfish man! Either awake to life “Papa Carlo” and “slave Izaourt.” You deserve this …?