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Oddities of famous people

We read about them in the yellow pages, see on their monitor screens, read out their thoughts as well about some remember from school – they are celebrities. Someone has made a name for himself in the art world, someone has moved progress his discoveries. All of them are people just like us, but still, even their habits stands out from the category of “normal”.

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Many of the oddities of famous people are not deprived of their logic. Implants For example, Gwen Stefani enjoys only children’s lotions and creams – and for good reason, because they are known for their naturalness and their result on the face. Katy Perry, is an American singer, brought his habit to mania: going to the regular tour, she carries with him several toothbrush and brushing her teeth six times a day.

Katy Perry

But Mao never watched the purity of its thirty-two, arguing as follows: “Did you see that Tiger did it?”

Useful life hacking, you can borrow from the habit of Sophia Loren use perfumed water for the hair wrap on hair curlers, which is why light fragrance will always follow you easy loop. Clingman Lofts

Strangeness is not a name, but do you know anyone else who does that?

Sophia Loren

Many celebrities habits tied to food. For example, Renee Zellweger fighting hunger a piece of ice – until he melts in the mouth, feeling of hunger goes away. A well-known novelist, Vladimir Nabokov, liked not only a net to catch butterflies, but ate them, saying that they taste like a mixture of almonds and moldy cheese. Angelina Jolie also not averse to bite insects, though this is justified by its desire to try the national cuisine of the countries where it is.

Creative people have always been extravagant habits. For example, the French writer Victor Hugo classic inspiration often came when he was the absolute best naked. According to a genius, he did so in order to exclude the possibility of the temptation to go out and get away from work. Just by the way, there were Benjamin Franklin and Ernest Hemingway (do not even ask, how do we know about it).

naked Robert Downey Jr.

Emile Zola went on his “fellow writers” by tying himself to a chair. But Anatole France tried not to hold themselves at work, but on the contrary, wrote on everything that came to hand, from the napkins in restaurants, ending with important documents.

strangeness writers

Unique and inimitable Lady Gaga – sleeps and meditates in the egg, which took away from the speech at the ceremony, “Grammy” – vozmozhnoetot art object just dear to her, as a memory.

strangeness Lady Gaga

And completing our strange “hits” a great scholar, and just an interesting person, Albert Einstein, who did not like to wear socks on a fairly “reasonable” reason – they are quickly torn.

Einstein’s socks

Talented people are talented in everything! Their unusual thinking and view of the world and is transmitted through habit, so if you look sideways after the usual daily ritual – who knows, maybe in you sleeping deep inside a little genius?