Methods for solving conflicts – interpersonal and group

What remains after them? Of course, resentment, misunderstanding, hostility, aggression. Reconciling the conflicting parties difficult, but possible. The main thing is to choose the right methods of conflict resolution.

What you should know about conflicts? First, get acquainted with their species diversity. Yes, psychologists and sociologists have identified a number of types of conflicts and help to identify the right five key ways.

5 kinds of Conflict

Dentist in Madison outcomes: Either find a compromise or struggle continues.
For the foreseeable source: Either a response to changed social conditions, or passions (personal emotions).
Methods for solving conflicts – interpersonal and group
For the relationship between conflicting Director-worker, classmate, schoolmate. limo Miami

For publicity: Explicit hidden potential
As the number of conflict.
As the most common variant of conflict is interpersonal or collective, and focus on them.

Methods for solving interpersonal conflicts

So, perhaps, the most common type of conflict – interpersonal. You and neighbor, you and the people you and a colleague – that first come to mind options interpersonal conflict. And there he is usually on the basis of differences of our own interests and the interests or wishes of others. dance Miami

To solve this type of conflict in two ways: Suitable for a stronger participant or compromise.

More profitable and productive compromise. Experience shows that a new conflict between people when compromise is rare.

First you need to find out the essence of the conflict, and the need to talk to each party, to find out their opinion, position. Then understand what each side wants, and try to define multiple options possible solutions. And choose the best of them, offer them conflicting and jointly arrive at such a solution that will satisfy everyone.

Methods for solving conflicts – interpersonal and group
must take into account that you have to follow the accepted agreement. The path is not as simple as it sounds, but the patience and the right approach gives good results. spa service Miami

If the dispute is among inadequate, not suitable persons, in this case a victory “awarded” the strongest (not in terms of physical strength, but in terms of who will have more opportunities). However, the responsibility for the limo service madison¬†will be based on that person.

Example: Your old grandmother gets up out of bed to prepare ourselves can not, but you cooked it does not like.

In this case it is not necessary to indicate that cooking itself – it is impossible. You can continue indifferently fed her that she did not like. But perhaps it should look a compromise? window repair Miami

Methods of conflict resolution group

Remember how many times over the last year there were conflicts in your working group or class your child? Probably a lot. How do they solve? As a rule, or

Methods for solving conflicts – interpersonal and group
their own staff, or the intervention of new faces (teachers, head). Let’s analyze each option. pet grooming Miami

The intervention of a third party

It can be both pluses and minuses.

For example, the confrontation in the classroom can only worsen if it intervenes teacher, head teacher, etc.

Here we must act intelligently and subtly, for example, give conflicting parties work together that will be of interest to them, such as preparation for school ball. Similarly, the question in the working group. cleaning service Miami

Independently solve collective conflicts

Typically, the victory of the majority. But how to make and wolves were fed and the sheep purposes?

Find out the cause or source of the conflict and take a right, in your opinion, aside. Act clearly cold. more here
Clearly lay out your expectations “co-religionists” that they understood the them, understood and acted together.
Put your thoughts – clearly, firmly, intelligently warring parties. This behavior can sure give them a sense of inferiority.
In negotiations occur. As – is up to you. dentist Miami
Having come to a joint decision, stick to it, otherwise possible new conflicts.