Louvre Museum – The Most Popular Museum In The World

Paris can offer you a choice of over one hundred and fifty museums. Some of them are original and unexpected names, such as Museum-cabinet Erik Satie or the Museum of relief plans. But as you know, the most visited museum, incidentally, not only in Paris, but also in the whole world, is the Louvre. read here

Louvre Museum – the most visited museum in the world
Originally, the Louvre was a fortress built by King Philippe-Auguste in 1190 to guard the lower reaches of the Seine. The remains of a watchtower you can see today – on the lowest floor of the museum. Then they started to keep the royal treasury. After the fortress worn out, in its place, Francis I built his residence. This happened in 1546. From this time the palace was rebuilt several times, he acquired new premises, under Louis XIV experienced a period of prosperity, under Louis XVI – the period of decline. At all times kept in the palace of art, but to truly become the Louvre Museum after the French Revolution. The first time it was opened to the public in 1793. At that time, the museum treasures guarded by a total of nine people. Today the Louvre has more than two thousand workers: guards, wardens, firemen, electricians, tour guides, artists and others. more

The largest contribution to the completion of the museum’s collection made Napoleon. Each campaign in which he was able to visit, he brought masterpieces-trophies. Almost the entire department of ancient Egypt – is a merit of the Emperor. When Napoleon’s life his bas-relief portrait was executed in the eastern part of the palace on the front of the famous colonnade of Perrault. After the abdication of Napoleon on his stone head he was wearing a curly wig and added entry “Louis XIV”.

The Louvre houses more than thirty-five thousand works of art: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, the ancient art of Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages and the works of the Renaissance, European sculpture and painting. Most “new” product of the collection 1848 to subsidize. The museum hosts regular exhibitions and contemporary art, but on the condition that the theme of the exhibition is connected to the Louvre. This museum is found in the young audience. click here

The most famous exhibits of the Louvre: Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Nick Samofakiyskaya, Venus de Milo, Titian, Rembrandt.
If you tour a little time and want to see the main thing, just go to the Denon wing. The most famous is located there.
The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world. Every year there is almost nine billion people. If at the entrance to the museum, in a glass pyramid and underground from the Carrousel du Louvre and foremost, try to get through the Lion Gate, located in the right wing close to the garden, if you stand back to the Tuileries Gardens. On this gate it is not known to many visitors, so there’s always less people. Lion Gate are open daily, except Tuesdays and Fridays.