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Why am I without flowers?

Experience family life is coming to mark ten years. And, unfortunately, my betrothed any time, without cause, just like that, because I am in his life, did not bring me flowers. Do not tell me compliments, tender, gentle words. In addition to all this, coming from work, finds it in a limo service in Madison position, the entire mess in the house, which he did, unwashed dishes, which he ate. All for me, of the family finances – his meager earnings and housework also all on me. It is sad to tears – well, so what? This question is asked a lot of women. Well … try to answer. more

For anybody not news that accepting a marriage proposal from a man who for us everything – air, water and earth, we look forward to fairytale prince without flaws, if any, we hope very soon to uproot, or at least do not visible to you. But pretty often, we women lose in this terrible fight with his shortcomings. And our illusions and dreams sink like a stone in a river. And you see how you have dentist Madison everything in sight. Do you realize that this man does not share with you the concepts of “family”, “together”, “Help”, and many others.

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But it is impossible to live with all this have to do something, the more it lasts for no more nor less, and nearly ten years. It is really an insult – a lurking sense of anger accumulated, and its explosion can be compared, perhaps, only the nuclear bomb that destroys everything in its path. Bated image unaware of themselves spoil the mood, feeling, desire to communicate, this image scrolling hundreds and hundreds of times in my head. The first step to close and hid image – our so-called “picture”, ie, what we ourselves invented, what seems right in a given situation. We wonder what the situation, no matter how they like that can not adapt to our ideas and inventions. read

Clearly, reject and renounce all their expectations are not possible. But we need time to be able to say: “Stop! Enough! “. Stop scored himself in the head negative, and stop eating itself from nutria. Learn to discuss your images with the abuser, do not swear, do not water the dirt mutually each other, and communicate all the “pros and cons” of the situation, and in any case, do not hold images in themselves. This is the first and probably the main destroyer of relationships at all stages of cleaning service in madison.

Alternatively, write a list of all the so-called requirements for her husband. Read it a few times and decide for yourself what you can not do that for you is more popular in the relationship. Evaluate the situation “cold” heart did not require him to be both a homemaker and to earn as much as would every six months you would fly to the islands, and each season you gave to the new coat. Choose only what you most tired, a couple of cases in which, without his help you will manage 100%. Peacefully, calmly tell him these things, ask for help, say that it is indispensable in helping them. Tell him about his technique (list), can he have any request to you or insults you something of which he was afraid to say. goods and services directory

Of course, everything else is discarded in the blink hard, it can advise you simple, unpretentious exercise that can be doing at any convenient time. In the opinion of repeating this phrase: “I’m not offended, it’s minor.” And you’ll notice that for a month – half small images you will not be attending. info here

Finally I will say the following, if after such a frank conversation requests and nothing will change towards you, then my advice to you – chase of narcissistic and selfish man! Either awake to life “Papa Carlo” and “slave Izaourt.” You deserve this …?