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Should be a strong woman?

And should the woman be strong? Of course, should – because it is the same person as a man. But what is the power of women? Of course, not muscular – no wonder woman called “weaker sex.” But perhaps it is in apparent weakness and is the power of women? Woman granted the power to influence men – not by force and persuasion, not coercion, and grace. A man should be brave and woman – feminine. Unfortunately, nowadays many people forget about it. spa service Miami

Women marched for the rights of men in this race and adopting traditionally male qualities, and not the best – hardness, selfishness, aggression, that is all, so for thousands of years men used to fight with each other and cruel environment. Today representatives of the fairer sex ever throw off the centuries-old taboos and duties and stepping in “male” life, when they are in fact not worse but not better than men. here Women – being equal in dignity to men, but, nevertheless, other; and one inherent weakness in the female nature have a true female talent. read

In a mad attempt to catch up ahead of their husbands, brothers and fathers, “win” for the patriarchal past, women go against his nature, from menswear, hobbies and habits, some come to the abandonment of marriage, motherhood. Unfortunately, the image of a loving mother begins to lose popularity women busy fight for other social roles, and the natural are hard costs. Why is this happening? Perhaps children should bring only the state, nursery, kindergarten, school – that’s grown? Namely motherhood, the desire to have children – a rare gift? Indeed, more often hear: “I do not want to have children …. I come with bad mother …. you first need to make a career …. “. For centuries, a woman lay concern for the preservation and continuation of tradition, family, cleaning madison. While primitive man caught eating their fellow protected seed, brought up future soldiers and their wives gave them knowledge of the true order of things, to a generation descendants of their children caught foods, and new women care about saving the world. pets in usa

It is thanks to women, with their tendency to protect and preserve, because of their impact on the dentist Madison and aggressive men, the man did not become an endangered species, he continued his family in their children. Through the first woman to care, care and love, and we live in today. The society has gone far in its development, but it is still living men and women. Of course, the conditions have changed, and we are not waiting around the corner toothy mouth Tyrannosaurus rex, but new dangers. read more And the mother of the future of her child. Will it be able to protect him from dangers, to warn him of anything that might threaten the little life in the big world? Will raise a child so that he was a decent man? From education depends on many things: the direction of the child in the first years of his life hidden germ of the future of its activities. And the first critical years in child development in the hands of his mother, because nothing can maternal love, no one will find that a patience and dedication, which is the mother.

The biggest influence that exists in the relationship of men and women – a mother’s influence. Of course, education must engage not only one woman: the child must be both mother and father. The question is what role each play, and which of them is more important. Many women have been able to raise their children without parents. But much less cope with their own parents raising their children deprived of maternal love.  computer repair Miami

When people talk about “male” field of education, usually involve education discipline, responsibility, obedience. The case of women – develop, educate, give love. What is the strongest in the world love? Parent. This feeling is almost impossible to destroy. A woman moving love for her child is capable of everything, to sacrifice. Calling women – give and protect life that goes beyond a human life. The woman has the gift of maternal love, saves and loves life on Earth. There is nothing more beautiful and more maternal love. This woman is stronger men. Potency to such love is in every woman.

What would happen if instead of love intended it to take place other feelings, such as anger? It develops to unprecedented size, displacing a mother’s love. Then female aggression receive this force, which rarely develops male rage. Women usually cunning men, they achieve goals roundabout way. And female aggression too often focused on a winding line. Because revenge dangerous woman, she comes up with a more subtle punishment for his enemy. It is very difficult to reason with.

Female aggression is much worse than the men, because it is unnatural. Internal forces women intended for creation, suddenly begin to break down. Love is replaced by hatred, which is almost impossible to drown …. A simple example – you ever seen how they fight two women? They do much more severely than men. In the course are all “illegal” techniques: rival mercilessly tearing each other hair, scratching face …. The fair sex transformed into wildlife violent predators. We can not allow that in his youth girls instead of love filled the aggression. If a young girl dolls as a child tore the head, it does not mean that it will necessarily evil and cruel. But when it is committed in every way to be like children, abandoning its own nature – it is much more dangerous for her. stylist Miami

Women and men – equal, but different. Equal rights, in any case, in Russia, but different in abilities and purpose. If women cease to be feminine, and become more aggressive, our world will die. Human society can not survive without the love and care that only women can give. We can not forget this.