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Misunderstanding in relationships women and men. How to learn to understand each other

Everyone asks the question: why me favorite person does not understand me? It is impossible not to recognize that women and men differ in many ways. Men are more rational and concrete – he actually says what he thinks. The woman, on the contrary, it is a spontaneous, emotional. Everything she does, it is subject to moods and emotions. In these cases, it might seem that a woman and a man each communicate in their own language, not hearing and not understanding each other. interior design Miami

Men call it simply – “female logic” and try not to think about what to do with a woman during an emotional impulse. This is the best way for him. Women’s emotions can simply grab the first time the rational mind and a strong man who is by nature not adapted at the same time feel so many different emotions may simply panic. best rent USA

This will not happen because of the fact that women’s emotions too strong for the man, but also because it often finds no rational explanation to them and they arise spontaneously. This ability, this woman is no accident, this natural adaptive mechanism capable woman because of it intuitively feel. And intuition is known incomprehensible thing, no one knows how it arises. For women, there is a cyclical condition is common, and men remains as unclear as many other women manners. After all, these are the contradictions and distinguish us from one another.

Remember how arranged the human person. Everyone has a feminine and masculine. According to what your floor, one of these bases is superior to another. If we start to listen to him, or rather to its opposite half, we will clear a lot of people who represent the opposite sex. click here

The problem of hidden relationships that many people do not recognize themselves or trying to eradicate the opposite half. Getting to this problem lies in the parents of our childhood. The child grew and became strong, and courageous man, woman or sophisticated, we do not think of their opposites. And you can still understand the other – to try to put myself in his place.

Only in this case we will be much clear. Male worried upset when his beloved wife, but he does not understand the reason; or how difficult a woman when it seems that the favorite “guess her thoughts,” and cleaning madison, which she had long dreamed of, let him thus, not a word.

It is in these moments, we are not able to understand way for us, man. From weakness we fall into a panic and did not notice how we create such conflicts, which is impossible to understand who finds himself guilty and who is not. more information

This can be solved in several ways. The most popular – just stop all relations making a conclusion that you are very different to each other and do not approach. In this dentist Madison, you will naturally meet a new partner, but an old problem you lose. The most appropriate option – take a break, count to ten and then calmly talk, to discuss, to voice their needs to your partner and ask him your concerns. And when you learn to debate, then, many small annoyances that are known to produce large, will disappear by themselves. And maybe one day you will become similar to the present, without words and learn to understand each other. spa service Miami