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The Colossus of Rhodes

Unfortunately, not all of the ancient wonders of the world have survived to the present day. Such a fate awaited and capture the imagination statue of the Colossus of Rhodes. Height of creation reached 36 meters, and that would be needed to complete construction of as many as 12 years. Towering slender young man-god near the island of Rhodes, where ships sailed and admired this magnificent structure. Why is the statue of the Colossus of Rhodes was destroyed? Here the whole point lies in its design. The fact that the construction used for ordinary clay, and only the base metal construction were used. This is clearly proved insufficient. Read more.

The Colossus of Rhodes. Giant statue of the sun god
This entry refers to the location: Greece, Athens, Rhodes Island

The Colossus of Rhodes. Giant statue of the sun god

Built statue was in 304 BC in honor of the victory over the commander Demetrius I of Macedon. Legend has it that the god of the sun Helios rescued residents and forced the invaders to retreat, and the island of Rhodes in the end was left free. The construction engaged sculptor named Hares.

Dentist in Madison. Giant statue of the sun god

Three huge pillars on which rested an enormous statue of the god was not the easiest structure. They are fastened to each other with huge beams, then the entire Colossus was lined with bronze and filled with clay. Colossus was built on a large white pedestal of marble. And interestingly, the people did not see it until the last moment, until the statue was not ready. More info.

In ancient times, any large statue called Colossus. It was only after the construction of the Colossus of Rhodes as it only became known.

Prototype construction – Helios – the sun god:

The Colossus of Rhodes. Giant statue of the sun god

The Colossus of Rhodes. Giant statue of the sun god

Origin of the name of the island of Rhodes stores in itself an interesting legend. God Helios in the morning and worked until late at night, that the Earth was limo service madison sanctified. When it came time to divide the world – he could not be present at the same time, and because he did not get anything. As a result, it is of the deep sea has risen sharply, and the name he gives in honor of his beloved wife – Rodoss.

The Colossus of Rhodes.

Statue of Colossus of Rhodes at the time asked example, and elsewhere around the island began to build a large statue. Total for the construction of the Colossus have spent at least 13 tons of bronze alloy and about 8 tons of iron alloy. Perhaps it is due today Colossus is a statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil.

The Colossus of Rhodes. Giant statue of the sun god

It is a pity of course, but such a large scale, and ingenious construction was destined to stand for only 50 years. The culprit was an earthquake in 222 BC. Almost immediately crack gave Colossus knees and then collapsed and the entire statue. Now that you know the story, it becomes possible for you to clear the origin of the expression “colossus with feet of clay.” The statue was so huge that even the thumb was not possible to clasp both hands. He describes events after the fall of the statue of Pliny the Elder in his chronicles.

Pliny the Elder

The Colossus of Rhodes. Giant statue of the sun god

Fragments of a huge statue lay on the ground about a thousand years before the Arabs, who had seized Rhodes in 977, not sold it to an unknown merchant who had to carry their 900 camels. Click here.

In today’s world there were art lovers who want to restore the statue to its original location. Gert Hof – German origin – plans to provide for the construction of 200 million euros.. According to the draft, the new Colossus bydet above the original and will reach a height of 60-100 meters. If you are interested in ancient wonders, then you’ll love our article about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.