Learning the signs, forges cuckoo – what does it mean?

People passed from mouth to mouth set of knowledge, which are called folk because the author is unknown. These are the conclusions of a wise observation of countless generations of events, such as signs. Forges cuckoo, black cat crossed the road, spilled salt – everything has its value. And interestingly – yspolnyaetsya!
Learning the signs, forges cuckoo – what does it mean?

The ancient idea of the cuckoo

People whose brain was not cluttered scientific view of the world, perceived environmental totally unusual way. Everywhere they chudylosya magic. Hence, by the way, there were signs. Forges cuckoo – a sign, believed in ancient times. After her unusual voice, volume, far scatters, which covers noise of other birds. Here and decided that this traveler arrived from the world, which goes dead. Therefore, the fate of all living knows. Because of the country and the souls of babies come to earth. So, she just sings and signs server. You need only learn to recognize them, decrypting do. Our ancestors had no particular morochyly. The question asked: “How many years should I live?” And others. However, a variety of bird people “quotes” are not spoiled. Because not all settled down signs. Forges cuckoo – predicts lifetime. This belief is widespread. But other people have largely forgotten. Let us remember.
Learning the signs, forges cuckoo – what does it mean?
Will take: cuckoo forges near the house
The city rarely hear about the bird noise rises. Because not all reach the magical world of telegrams transmitted cuckoo – a postman. But many are comfort, others, however, will build. Who will savor these signs? Cuckoo forges near the house of the poor – to wealth. Perhaps he has a rich, lonely elderly relatives. He will save his poor man who has acute hearing and attention to detail. But for a wealthy man – a sign of very poor. Will hear the sounds of birds poshtarky let preparing for damage. They say that such a person be ruined. But not only the future fate dealt feathered signs. Forges cuckoo in the yard – you should be careful with fire. This is a sign of a possible fire. It is considered a bad omen, hear her voice back. Prokaznytsa Forest manner predicted a quick death. And the eyes are not looking for shy. Most dishes, who likes to pass the lead mourning?
Learning the signs, forges cuckoo – what does it mean?

Will take: cuckoo forges in May
But on the duration of their lives bird teller asked only in the period. In ancient times, said in the spring it should occur. At other times of the year – lie, inexpensive take. Hence was born belief important question to ask cuckoo in May. They say she was vid’yilysya the green eggs in their nests scattered alien and is complacently mood. No fuss, no hurry, so it have a link with the native magical world and see accurate data. There are jokers that torture is a medium with wings of strangers, respectively. Thus, this case is empty. It is such valuable information someone gives horrible not only masters of life. So do not try to climb into other people’s secrets, ask about yourself. Even the weather can be and all things rural. For example, when we heard her voice, look, which sits. If the green trees will give you the summer harvest and manage noble. If you called it in the evening with a bare bush or tree, then do not expect anything good. Bad weather ruin farmers toil, winter will be cold and hungry. That’s such great abilities bird believe our ancestors bequeathed us!

Benefits of reading literature. Quotes about the benefits of reading

Writer Ray Bradbury argued that people never interested in books, do the crime. With this thought unlikely to those who prefer books watching TV, socializing on the internet games. What is the benefit of reading how big it is? What man loses in life which is not a good time for literature, modern and classical?
The benefits of reading, logic and memory
Denis Diderot used to say that an individual ignores books, loses the ability to think. Keep track developments reader of detective stories or immersed in the fantastic world of the universe – he thinks with the author. Man tries to understand the main idea of the writer, runs the original idea gets new information. All this contributes to the development of logical thinking.

Benefits of reading literature. Quotes about the benefits of reading
Benefits of reading literature is also in enhancing memory. The plot consists of many small details. For understanding the reader should remember the names of the characters, their traits, appearance, performance. Allowing novels, detective stories, thrillers in soft and hard covers become part of their lives, people notice how increasing their ability to memorize the necessary information at home and at work.
Those who do not pay attention to statements about the benefits of reading, do not take up a book, indulge in the right to development. They are “cooked” in the same ideas, thoughts, plans, not giving food for thought and not training the memory.
Books develop imagination
Creative thinking, imagination – these “tools” required for a person, whatever profession he or oxen. Joseph Conrad, belongs to the category of the classics of English literature, argued that the writer provides only half of the book. All other readers appends, referring to his own imagination. Similar statements about the benefits of reading with good reason.

Benefits of reading literature. Quotes about the benefits of reading
Man, flip pages of art, unknowingly causing images in my head of what is happening. The reader imagines appearance and dress the characters, the environment in which they are located. Fantasia tells smells, voices and sounds. The benefits of reading no doubt as developing creative thinking. People are easier to cope with inventing new ideas that positively affect the career, relationships, quality of life.
Reading broadens the mind
William Phelps – a writer with the US, always delyvshyy readers into two categories. The first group, according to him, read to remember. The latter are doing it in order to forget. What is the use of reading books if obtained information quickly fade from memory? People who are able to remember information gained through literature, expanding his own horizons.

Books – a source of a variety of information, it concerns the works belonging to any genre. The benefit of reading is that people familiar with historical events, learn interesting facts, dedicated to unfamiliar countries and cities better understand the people who inhabit them. In fact, quality is a novel effective alternative to travel.

Benefits of reading literature. Quotes about the benefits of reading
What good reading? A man who enjoys fiction, not limited to the single life – his own. He tries on a lot of different characters that existed in reality or fictional writer. He feels the emotions that appear in the characters, adopting their experience. The reader should not make their own mistakes, he can take lessons from others.
Books teach chat
Descartes liked to compare the reading of works of art of conversation. This reader interlocutors, he said, are smart people from the past and present, telling him only the most important ideas. The benefit of reading is not just the ability to learn new things. From a man who admired books, interesting to talk to.
Benefits of reading literature. Quotes about the benefits of reading
Reading not only expands the topics for communication. Studying literature promotes language skills. An avid readers easily find the ability to transmit thoughts words – clearly and beautifully. Through books people successfully develop the talent of the narrator. Plus – capturing reading provides the ability to assess the situation from the perspective of another person, gives flexibility, capacity for empathy.
Reading – choose competent people
Benjamin Franklin always advised others to devote much time to the books, but treat them selectively. Proved that vocabulary, ability to properly promote primarily works considered classics. In fact, the reader takes lessons from the best authors, actively uses and develops visual memory.
Benefits of reading literature. Quotes about the benefits of reading
Many quotes about the benefits of reading new information concerning the opening to the reader. Through books people not only began to write and speak without mistakes, correct build sentences. He constantly learns new words, concepts, terminology. His vocabulary is much richer.
Books – disease prevention
Montesquieu once shared with close friends his habit grasp at books whenever there are troubles in life. According to him, there is grief, cope with which will not help a good book. Moreover, it often works of art suggest simple outs of deadlocks.

Armed with books, everyone is able to “defer” their old age, prevent the development of Alzheimer’s dementia. This is a tone, which invariably is the brain. Even arguments about the benefits of reading coaches mind, this applies to the logical problems that constantly throws readers by exciting work. Meditation – an effective exercise for the brain, thus avoiding secular decline of mental abilities.
Reading improves sleep
Relaxation – not only valuable effect, which takes excellent book on the reader. According to research, works of art to help people suffering from insomnia, forget about these problems. Reading literature before bedtime is a good tradition that helps the body to quickly tune in to sleep. Also at this time the information received best postponed in the head.
Books promotes concentration
The rhythm of modern life is such that the inhabitants of the 21st century rarely get the opportunity to focus on a single case. Man tries to allocate attention between work, talk on the phone, search for information online and many other things. As a result, virtually disappears ability to correct concentration that is often required.
In the course of reading, people focus on the story without being distracted by the Internet and other benefits of civilization. Reader coached attentiveness, noticing details briefly mentioned writer. Problems with concentration completely evaporate, which improves the quality of life accelerates everyday tasks.
Reading develops confidence
Cicero did not attach importance of books that do not bring readers to enjoy. However pastime successfully combined with regular training. Psychologists actively supports the absorption of fiction in any age, for good reason. Books positive impact on erudition reader that gives him more confidence. Man is his own opinion on many topical issues, able to maintain a conversation in which the necessary basic knowledge. This is a contribution to the strengthening of self-esteem.
Most readers grow people who are parents put books in the hands of a child by encouraging example. Moms and dads should not talk about the decline of education in modern schools, and encourage the child to read literature.