Women sleep longer than men

Women sleep longer than men. Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl.

“On this subject, it was a huge amount of research, – he told Jacob Levin. – Some studies have shown that women really sleep longer than men for 15-20 minutes. Other studies have produced quite the opposite result – it turned out that sleep longer just a man, and at the same 15-20 minutes. As a result, scientists are agreed on the fact that men and women have the same duration of sleep. ” Longer sleep only pregnant. dentist Madison
At the same time in different genders have different attitudes to sleep. Men usually think that he slept well; Woman, on the contrary, often said: “Oh! I did not sleep! “However, studies show that the quality of sleep in the other about the same.
It is proved that the longest sleeping sanguine – for 8-9 hours. They are so impressionable, it’s worth it to see before going to sleep porn or relive some more emotional distress, and the duration of REM sleep, during which the brain digests the information, immediately increased. Well, the least sleep melancholic – them to sleep, it is often sufficient for 6 hours.

You can often hear the following sentence: “But my mother told me as a child, that …”. Of course, my mother has always been, is and will be the best source of advice in any situation, but sometimes it turns out to be wrong! stylist Madison
Faktrum wants to tell a funny story about how the stranger’s uncle has undermined faith in the boy’s mother’s advice!
Threw I like that cigarette pack in the trash, I look, and her five thousand note stuck …
I parked here yesterday about shop next to the house. Look: Something debris has accumulated in the pockets and in the glove box, paper roll, check, empty pack of cigarettes … I scooped up all the trash, throw in the trash.
And already in the process of how to pack the urn flew, I saw that stuck to her five thousand note. I’m not rich enough to donate a wallet, so useful in the trash to get.
And at this very moment of the store appears mom with small boy whom she pronounces something in the style of traditional teachings “There are not going to listen to my mother, then …”. interior design Madison He notices me and sternly says:
– … You will collect the scraps of trash like this uncle!
And what am I? I took from the urn their hard-earned 5,000 rubles, and smoothed them with a wink, said the little boy:
– Do not trust her kid. A couple of months on the trash climb and Audi Skopje.
After that he got into his Audi and gave on gases. The eyes of the boys still remember!

There are people who suddenly fall asleep, and then for many years can not wake up

Myth four: there are people who suddenly fall asleep, and then for many years can not wake up.

If Sleepless, according to mythology, lived somewhere in Tibet, then sleeping for 20 years, live mainly in the Russian villages. “In our center constantly call people from remote villages to tell that they have some kind of grandmother who a few years sleeping soundly. We begin to ask – and how your grandmother goes to the toilet, she eats? They say, “With our help.” What is a dream? “- James Levine said.
Myth Five: the weekend can be a good sleep.

In reality, the extra hour of sleep in the output does more harm than good. dance studio Madison Sleep a little bad, but even more harmful – behind schedule. “If you have enough sleep and get up at six in the morning, then at least make sure that, to get up every day at this time – not before and not later,” – Levin warns. Sleep off for a few days in advance, as well as to eat, will not work. The resulting supply of energy in the body will spend the first Sunday – you just go to bed later than usual. “A few years ago, the Americans noticed that on Monday morning the number of accidents on the road several times higher than on other days. We started to figure out the reason. It turned out over the weekend, Americans were asleep longer by an average of 1 hour 20 minutes and went on an hour later, “- said a sleep. Because of this came the life cycle of failure, worsening health and decreased attention on the road.
Myth Six: if you work day through three, then three days you can get some sleep.

Science has proven – if a person does not sleep a single night at least, a significant body damage is done: change all the biochemical parameters, including the biochemistry of the brain. These indices are restored to the second or third day, but a full recovery of the body is still not happening – in the US surveyed people who because of their work did not sleep a day a week for six months. It turned out, they are five times more likely to develop diabetes, hypertension and two dozen diseases.
Myth Seven: all lunatics walking in a dream.

They say that they can go out the window instead of a door, or play the piano, and some even have sex, then do not want to recognize the unconscious conceived children. All these facts are actually proven science. However, the “sleepwalking” – an extremely rare phenomenon. Most sleepwalkers will not go in a dream – they just sit on the bed and, after sitting for a while, lay down again.
Myth Eight: the dream phase alternates with the phase when we did not see anything. window repair Madison

Previously it was believed that dreams one sees only in the fast phase of sleep. Now it is proved that the slow phase is also accompanied by dreams. But it is slow and that all slowing down – if we see a rapid phase complete “movie”, the slow -. “Images and photos’
Myth Nine: all sleeping pills are harmful.

Modern drugs, unlike the old, harmless, says the professor. It is only necessary not to confuse the old means new – for the production of obsolete products also has not been canceled. For Russians, by the way, a sleep disorder it happens: “We live in a country shocks, and are entitled to a bad dream,” – said Jacob Levin.
Myth Ten: awake people die on the fifth day. cleaning service Madison

Indeed, if you do not give sleep to an animal, such as rat, then on the fifth-sixth day it will die. But the man is not. After five days he dies – he begins to sleep with your eyes open. “You can not continue to give him to sleep, to wake him – he will walk, talk, answer your questions, do some work, but do it all in a dream”, – said a sleep. After waking up a man, like a lunatic, absolutely nothing will remember.